Offices in 10 countries of Latin America

The network

Our network is made up of leading companies in Latin America, with broad trajectory and recognition in their own countries, which allows us great local knowledge in all the region.


This expertise guides us to satisfy with greater precision, quality and promptness the demands of the market, giving our customers ideal leaders.


We are leaders in the identification and selection of executives of medium and high management, in outplacement and organizational development.


We provide an integral human resources service, leading successful processes in the region, in any area of competence and market area.


We are knowledgeable of local and regional markets.  We offer services of great value in the field of human resources with transparency in terms of our fees, processes and guarantees.



Our work is framed by a deep ethical, professional and technical accuracy, making us strategic partners for our customers.

Our strategic alliance with ER International makes it possible to provide services in Europe, Asia, extending the feasibility to lead parallel projects in other regions.

Our team

Global Coach, consultant oriented towards the search, development and management of talents, it is made up by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, with more than 15 years of experience in Head Hunting of executives and specialists, Coaching, Organizational Consulting and DO.  Global Coach is focused in providing personalized and integral solutions, that allow to relate talents of persons with the needs of the global job market.


With more than 15 years of solid trajectory in the Costa Rican and Latin American markets, Gente de Talento grant integral Human Resource, Organizational Development and Training consulting services.


Benzinger Thinking Styles Assessment, organizational diagnose surveys, corporate formation workshops, recruitment and selection, talent management and Outplacement services are the pillars that detail their services.


It has over 21 years of experience and knowledge of the work market in Guatemala and Central America; providing different consulting services in Human Resources, focused in Executive Head Hunting, Outplacement and Organizational Development.


They represent and are certified in different world-wide class tools such as Benziger, DISC, Six Seconds, Assess, Midot.


Consulting firm specialized with more than 21 years of experience in the search and selection of high management executives.  Born as Head Hunters it is their specialty, through a personalized focus and a very efficient methodology, that allows them to locate and validate the best candidates.  They also offer additional related services focused in evaluation and measurement, consulting and outplacement, as well as outsource services, specifically payrolls.

Careers Inc. has over 48 years of experience in the industry recruiting positions in local and international companies.  Its acting is based on the search for specialized talents, technical as well as executives, and services of Outplacement and Organizational Development, its main goal is to provide innovative solutions through expert consultants in personnel development, business transitions and organizational changes.


An Executive Search firm that, since 1994, is dedicated to advisory in organizational processes, recruitment management, selection and evaluation of highly qualifies executive personnel, of top level as well as medium management.

Has a team of consultants with broad and successful professional trajectory, being a recognized organization and influential in the local, regional and multinational corporate media in Colombia.


Human Consulting Strategies gathers a group of companies focused in providing an integral service of consulting, developing innovator methodologies and tools that adjust to the needs of each organization, to potentialize its Human Resources to the fullest.


It has more than 20 years in the market of Ecuador accompanying and leading transformation processes of de development of companies recognized in the country, as well as national and multinational companies.


Since 1985 Human Leaders Group is distinguished by its spirit of service, with an equipment of experts focused on working with and for the people, offering services in the search and identification of talent, development of leadership skills and tools and participating with its customers in the plans of career transition of their executives.


Hunters Peru Group is a holding of three companies specializes in the search of executive talent, from professional leaderships up to medium and management leaderships.  The group, under the leadership of the main firm, Head Hunters Peru, has over 20 years of trajectory in the Peruvian market, as referent in headhunting and recruitment consulting, through the management of competencies.


With more than 40 years of experience in the field of Human Resources, Patiño & Partners provides professional services for the recruitment and selection of Managerial and Professional Talent, Evaluation of Competences and Potential of internal candidates.


Also works individual coaching to ease personal and professional talent development and its resources, as well as Outplacement and Assessment Center processes.

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